The Rogge 7x7x7 Challenge

For various reasons 2010 is the year for me to take on the challenge of running my own 7x7x7.  I am fully aware that the challenge will be a massive task and will test both my physical and mental strength.  I am planning everything myself and will not be running official marathons but will be running the marathon distance in each of the cities. The distance will be independently verified to ensure no "cheating" on my side.

I have contacted local running clubs in each of the cities in order to have someone familiar with the area and route and most importantly to have someone to run with.

The help and support offered have completely overwhelmed me and I will forever be grateful and thankful to all the people who will help me achieve this long-held goal of mine. I now have support in each of the cities and look forward to meeting my running companions.

My training has been designed by a personal trainer who has a long track record with long distance running and participated in several marathons himself.

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