Blog (295.365km 35:30 hours)

Post: 10:23 [GMT] 16 Nov 2010
Tom and Katie's Eg-cellent Adventure: We Were There
Westminster Chronicle: Search Results for Marie Louise Stenild

Post: 22:56 [GMT] 6 Nov 2010
After a little drama I finally arrived in London for the last leg, on home ground. The marathon started at 14:25 and I finished it in 4.51. Ran the official London marathon route. The weather was typical London weather, overcast with rain in the air, and sure enough just over half way we had an absolute downpour, however, nothing could dampen the spirits, the finishing line was finally in sight and my dream for the past five years achieved. It was amazing with all the support and a big thanks to Juan, Ed, and Hans Jorgen for running the full distance with me, and to Paulo and Phil for leading the way (on bikes). The first emotional moment was running past the Rogge offices and having my colleagues cheering me on and run with me for the last kilometres. It was truly amazing to see everyone and a big thank you to everyone for staying late on a Friday to support me. Running down the Mall, seeing the flags and hearing the cheers was the greatest feeling ever - my
dream has been achieved at last!

Post: 22:12[GMT] 6 Nov 2010
Just some of the photos from the London leg.



Post: 20:29 [GMT] 6 Nov 2010
Thank you so very very much - still finding it hard to believe that I have actually done it :-) thank you so much for your support it has really meant a lot to me getting through the 7x7x7 - really wonderful to get lots of texts every time I landed - really gave me energy to take on the next run every time. Feeling absolutely fine :-) The biggest hug to everyone Marie-Louise


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London, UK - 5 November 2010

Post: 00:54 [GMT] 6 Nov 2010
I did it!! London leg 7 and final leg done. Thanks for all the support in London and throughout these 7 days more details and photos to follow.... where is that champagne bottle.

Cairo, Egypt - 4/5 November 2010

Post: 12:08 [GMT] 5 Nov 2010
Just landed in London heading to the start of leg 7.

Post:09:00[GMT] 5 Nov 2010
After a little drama I am finally guaranteed to be hitting London today. My original flight was so delayed which meant I would have missed my connection in Istanbul, found another solution and will arrive 1.5 hours later. I'll be arriving at around 12:00 [GMT] and will make my way as quickly as possible to the start point.

Post 09:00 [GMT] 5 Nov 2010
Leg 6...Finished Cairo marathon in 5.19.51, had 4 runners running the full distance with me which was wonderful and gave me lots of extra energy. The weather was cool and nice. A beautiful evening, could see the stars and even had a shooting star as we were running. Amazing support from everyone and a BIG thank you to everyone in Cairo who made this second leg possible - the chatting and jokes made me forget the tired legs

Post:23:13 [GMT] 4 Nov 2010
Coming HOME.......Finished leg 6 in Cairo in 5:19:51 feeling fine looking forward to the final leg in London - see you soon.

Post: 22:56[GMT] 4 Nov 2010
Thanks for the fantastic photos from Chile Rafael Lathrop.


Post: 17:12 [GMT] 4 Nov 2010
Just landed in Cairo and ready for the second last leg - feeling good

Post: 09:25 [GMT] 4 Nov 2010
Just landed in Dubai and thanks to a sweet lady who gave her seat to me I had 4 seats and managed to get some good rest. Have a few hours in Dubai before boarding for Cairo. Still in good spirits and looking forward to the second last leg.

Post: 09:06 [GMT] 4 Nov 2010
A big thank you to Karen on the flight from Singapore to Dubai, who gave up her seat so I could have 4 seats and get a proper rest. Very grateful. Thanks ML.

Singapore - 3/4 November 2010

Post: 08:42 [GMT] 4 Nov 2010
Fifth Leg....The marathon started at 23h44 and I finished it in 5hrs31mins. The weather was really hot and humid so we kept the pace nice and slow. Luckily there was a good cool breeze from the sea which really helped making the run much more comfortable. Amazing running support from David, Quek, Madelaide, Arnaud and Kohleng. And support group of Juliet and Jonathan, even more grateful to Jonathan coming out to support on his birthday and serving me coke and bananas. The legs kept going and still in good shape, it helped a lot with a good rest from Sydney with the legs up. A BIG thank you to everybody helping me out and making the Singapore leg possible.

Post: 23:18 [GMT] 3 Nov 2010
Leg 5....Finished Singapore in 5:31 really hot and humid but feeling fine and great support.

Post: 19:40 [GMT] 3 Nov 2010
Photos from Falklands

Post: 14:12 [GMT] 3 Nov 2010
Just landed in Singapore (leg 5). My legs are starting to feel the last 4 marathons. Got some sleep had 3 seats, which helped.

Post: 20:49 [GMT] 2 Nov 2010
LA Marathon Blog


Post: 10:40 [GMT] 3 Nov 2010
En route to Singapore estimated time of arrival 9:39pm local time.

Sydney, Australia - 3 November 2010

Post: 11:25 [GMT] 3 Nov 2010
Fourth leg... Began at 8.08am and finished the marathon in 4.59.50. Ran with Milov, Andy, Alex and John from Sydney Striders along the beachfront around Brighton Le Sands. I am extremely grateful for the support and encouragement from my running buddies, particularly around halfway when I was flagging a bit. It was a hot and sunny day but the breeze fortunately picked up towards the second half of the run. My cousin and his partner watched me run with their 7 week old son - my youngest supporter. Thank you very much to Milov and the Sydney Striders for organising the whole route and providing refreshments along the way.

Post: 23:51 [GMT] 3 Nov 2010
Photos from Sydney



Post: 09:14 [GMT] 3 Nov 2010
Leg 4... finished in 4:59:50 and very pleased as I am now more than halfway. Really hot and bright sun.

Post: 20:49 [GMT] 2 Nov 2010
News from Santiago, Chile





Post: 20:21 [GMT] 2 Nov 2010
Just landed in Sydney, feeling ok long flight 14 hours. Ready for leg 4.

Los Angeles, USA - 1 November 2010

Post: 14:40 [GMT] 1 Nov 2010
On the flight heading towards leg 4 Sydney. No flight upgrades possible-, had to buy an economy plus but no business or first class so it is going to be a looooooong flight. Still in high spirits and feeling fine.

Post: 08:45 [GMT] 1 Nov 2010
Third leg... So started at 13.00 at Dodgers Stadium in the middle with an amazing welcome on the board wishing me good luck. Ran with Stacy from LA marathon all the way and had a great time chatting together really grateful to Stacy for taking time to run the marathon route with me. Great supporters on the way with drinks and goodies. Started out rather hot but managed to run in shade most of the way which really made a difference. Finished in 5.24.02 as we were running on traffic roads we had some stopping at traffic lights but still feeling good in the legs. Had a little Danish support at the end which was great so thank you to Frederik. Looking forward to coming back in March 2011 to run the proper marathon. A BIG thank you to everyone for their support and making this possible for me. Great sightseeing Stacy.

>LA News Interview

Post: 19:07 [GMT] 1 Nov 2010
Just landed in LA and ready to commence running the 3rd leg feeling fine and relaxed and ready . Wish me luck.

Post: 17:07[GMT] 1 Nov 2010
Flight on time, should be arriving at 11:30 local time. Temp is 23Deg sunny and cool.

Post: 11:17[GMT] 1 Nov 2010
Just landed in Toronto and cleared US customs. Feeling good had 3 seats and managed to sleep for most of the 10 hour flight. Legs are good and so is the spirit. Ready for LA and leg 3.

Santiago, Chile - 31 October 2010

Post:22:38 [GMT] 1 Nov 2010
From Montserrat Cadiz
Marie Louise ran a perfect marathon here in Santiago and we were very happy to support her all the way!! Our running group (Santiago Runners) ran with her and provided bike support, as well as cheered her on. She left last night to Los Angeles and we'll be following her and wishing her the best in the next marathons. Thank you to all the runners who supported her: Sandra Guazzotti, Montserrat Cadiz, Enrique Reyes, Rodolfo del Rio, Cristian Kantor, Luisa Rivas, Paula Ibanez, Teresa Maturana, Alejandra Davidson, Rafael Lathrop, Andrea Lathrop, Stella Marsiglia, Valentina Gonzalez, Rodrigo Navarro, Patricio Goycolea an Gabriel Miranda.





Post: 23:23[GMT] 31st Oct 2010
Second leg....Began at 7.40 and finished the marathon in 4.55.20. The weather was a little chilly to begin with but the temp. quickly rose and it became rather hot at the end. Amazing support all the way not least by Rodolfo who ran the FULL distance with me, it really does make a difference when you have a person running the full distance with you. Rodolfo was an excellent time keeper and kept and eye so not running too fast, rather impressive as only two weeks ago he ran Buenos Aires marathon in 3.07 - thank you for slowing down a lot!. Had the support of lots of runners (absolutely lost count of the massive turnout) during one or more of the four laps of the course - and possibly the best cheerleaders, the energy was very good and helped me a lot through the course. Also had cycle support with drinks and other goodies. The speed was really good and the legs are feeling rather fresh after the second leg of the challenge and in very good spirits. The course was really great and the nature absolutely stunning, looking at the mountains and the clear blue sky. A BIG thank you to everyone who turned up and supported me in Santiago, could not have done it without your support.
Photos: Chile Photos

Post: 16:15 [GMT] 31st Oct 2010
Finished the second marathon in 4.55.20 and feeling GREAT amazing support all the way. Again had someone running the whole distance with me. Just so very pleased.

Post:10:15 31st October 2010
Getting ready for leg 2 will commence running at 7.30am local time. Feeling really good and lots of energy and legs behaving very well not tired at all. It was the last night spent in a bed, from now all my rest will be on planes (no upgrades yet!!)..

Falklands - 30 October 2010

Post:20:37 30th Oct 2010
Leg 1 ...Began at 7.00 and finished at 11.31 so did the marathon in 4.31 a little faster than planned but the legs felt well. The weather was rather cold and windy a little rain at the end but felt good finally to get started with the challenge. Had great company throughout the full marathon - a total of 10 runners turned up to support me and amazingly Nigel and Anton kept me company for the FULL distance which was really great and much appreciated. Great support group by Peter and Kate showing the way and offering drinks. The course was not too hilly and the nature absolutely stunning. A BIG thank you to everyone who turned up and supported me on the Falklands could not have done it without your support.



Post: 20:18 30th Oct 2010
First leg over and done with in 4hrs31. Faster than anticipated, but really cold. Good pace all the way. Six more to go!!

Post: 09:55 30th Oct 2010 -
Getting ready for first marathon ...landed in very strong winds last night on a delayed flight, so a very bumpy landing! But at least I got here! Looking forward to getting started in a few hours.

London -> north - 28 October 2010

Post: 19:42 28th Oct 2010
I'm off.....I have now checked in at Brize Norton and ready to board at 6 am tomorrow morning. I am off to bed now, wake up call at 2am!